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The seventh Guangzhou international food and Food Exhibition

Release date:2018-06-17 13:58:43

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     The seventh Guangzhou international food and food exhibition was held in Pazhou Pazhou World Trade Expo Museum in Guangzhou. The number of pre registration pre registration of the exhibition was increased by 150%. On the first day, nearly 10000 professional buyers participated in the exhibition.

     The exhibition area is 45000 square meters, up to 1500 brand exhibitors, more than 40000 buyers are exhibiting, the seventh Guangzhou international food and food exhibition is becoming more and more large-scale, the quality of the exhibitors is constantly improving, and the influence of the Southern China catering industry can not be underestimated.

     The exhibition has several major exhibition areas: imported food and food, domestic food, drink and drink, fresh electricity, catering equipment, dining space design, catering franchise and so on. It aims to provide one-stop purchase and letter for retail and wholesalers, star hotels, catering chain, commercial super purchase, group unit and so on. A platform for the integration of interest.

     Hainan babale food Limited by Share Ltd, as the representative of Hainan's special agricultural products, also participated in the exhibition. Meanwhile, the selection of green food Barbara coconut juice and special product solid drinks (coconut powder, banana milk, papaya milk, charcoal coffee, black sugar ginger tea), and vitamin energy drinks provide free conduct to the visitors in the field. Service has attracted numerous exhibitors and spectators to taste the purchase.

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